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Bay Workers for SWCC
The Bay Workers for Southwestern Christian College Bruce Nash - Board Member John Bradshaw, ... more

The purpose of the Benevolence Ministry is to supply the needs of our members, and others, who ... more

Community Outreach
This ministry is to develop projects and relief to help stabilize impoverished and low income ... more

Bible Classes We offer Bible classes for all ages. Our Sunday devotion begins at 9:30 am in ... more

Matthew 28:18-20 Evangelism is one of the main works of the Lord's Church. The ... more

Greeters / Hospitality
The purpose of this ministry is to greet and welcome everyone who walks through the doors of ... more

Grief Support
Comforting & Helping People Through Their Loss & Grief Every Tuesday Afternoons ... more

Marriage Ministry
The Marriage Ministry provides a place for couples to strengthen their faith, spend time ... more

Senior Saints
MINISTRY LEADERS George & Alicia Cuevas This ministry meets on a monthly basis to ... more

Singles/Young Adult Ministry - Bernard Martin This ministry is for (18-35) those in the ... more

Youth Ministry
We offer a comprehensive curriculum and activity schedule that promotes the wholesome ... more